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Millie's story

Living in Dubai, Millie came to the online Personal Style Assessment wanting a more elevated classic yet colourful look to go alongside the more relaxed style she wears to the beach. 

Millie white dress_edited.jpg

We met for a video call, so that I could really home in on Millie’s needs.. It’s very important to me as a Personal Stylist to listen to the client and not to make assumptions as every client has a different story and different needs. Our conversation and my recommendations in bespoke written and visual feedback have given Millie a real confidence boost. I'm sure you'll agree how fabulous she looks!

Millie taupe dress_edited.jpg

‘I feel more confident trying on different clothes based on the things Charlotte said, I really feel great and I’ve been doing loads of shopping inspired by the things that she said!’

Blue suit_edited.jpg
Millie stripe shirt_edited.jpg
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