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Colour Analysis

I passed the London College of Style Colour Analysis Advanced Diploma with distinction, and am trained in the Seasonal approach to colour analysis. Through draping you in a beautiful array of colours, we'll discover which of four seasonal palettes is right for you. Unless ill health impacts, this will be your season and palette for life. Don’t worry if you don’t like some of the colours as there are over 100 colours in your seasonal palette - this includes more muted as well as stronger colours, neutrals and a navy that will be perfect for you. Colour analysis is suitable for all genders and ethnicities.

"Charlotte's attention to the process was outstanding.  I really enjoyed the way the colours made my skin shine or eyes ‘pop’! I can’t wait to check out the various colours the next time I am out shopping!"

Tina, BeverleyEast Yorkshire

Draping Tina close_edited.jpg

The benefits

Wearing colours in your seasonal palette has an amazing  impact.

In the right colours

  • you'll look healthy and well-rested;​

  • you'll  have a lovely even complexion;

  • you'll glow, and may look tanned with a lovely sun-kissed look;

  • the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are reduced or removed;

  • skin blemishes. blotchiness, shadowing and dark circles under the eyes are minimised. 

You'll also learn about how to introduce colours into your outfits, the make-up and jewellery that will best suit you and the best colours for more formal wear.  ​


What to expect

The full-priced Colour Analysis consists of

  • completion of a personality questionnaire;

  • an in-person appointment lasting 1.5 to 2 hours in natural daylight;

  • the use of coloured drapes in an array of colours to find the seasonal palette best suited to your natural skin tone;

  • your own personalised and illustrated Colour Analysis results emailed to you;

  • your own digital seasonal swatch, or for a small addiitonal cost a physical seasonal fan.


Colour Analysis service  (in person)

How much will it cost me?

£125 (includes digital seasonal swatch* & personalised, illustrated feedback)

* or for a small additional  charge, a physical seasonal fan

How much of my time will it take?

1.5 to 2 hours typically

Colour Analysis service for 2 (in person)

How much will it cost us?

£200 per pair (includes 1 digital seasonal swatch* each & personalised, illustrated feedback for each of you)

* or for a small additional  charge, a physical seasonal fan

How much of our time will it take?

3 to 4 hours typically


Appointments preferably take place in my home in Willerby, East Yorkshire. By arrangement, I can come to you. Travel over 10 miles from HU10 6RD OR from YO12 7HU, chargeable at 50p per mile.

Contact me for further details and/or to arrange a free, 'no-strings' discovery call.

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Cole's Kitchen, Beverley
7th June 2024

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