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Josh's story

Josh has a fabulous eye for style. Using the Seasonal method of colour analysis, I found that Josh's best colours are those in the Spring palette. As part of the colour analysis process, Josh took a personality test and it was clear to see how wearing colours from his Spring fan allows his sociable, cheerful and positive personality to be reflected in what he wears.


As a sustainability-conscious stylist, I don't tell clients to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. My advice to clients is always to start by looking through their wardrobe to see if they already have any of the flattering colours they recall from the draping. For Josh this included his eye-catching red winter coat, his sunshine yellow puffer jacket and his cardigan which is the colour of the Milka chocolate wrapper! 


Like many people, Josh enjoys hybrid working for his role as a marketing manager in London. Day-t0-day working puts no demands for a corporate look, and Josh also gets to express his own style at evening awards events. Along with the more colourful items in his wardrobe, Josh - like many of us - does wear black, which isn't in the spring palette.  I'll never tell a client not to wear a colour (or style) though, and black is still be very wearable for him. It looks particularly stylish worn with one of the lighter, brighter colours from his colour fan.  Warm browns like ginger, and camel are also a flattering and sophisticated alternative to black for warm-skin tones. 

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